I'm a former floral designer - turned executive assistant, but my real passion is baking. The endless variety of treats you can create, simply by combining butter, flour, sugar, eggs, cream, chocolate... YUM!! But for me it has to be the real thing; real butter, real cream, real vanilla and really really good quality chocolate. No substitutions please!

My sister-in-law likes to tell people that I made a deal with the devil in exchange for my baking skills - skills I didn't always have. I'm mainly self-taught, and I love learning about food science - the hows and whys behind cooking & baking. Since my skill set has evolved, I have had the thrill of taking a few specialty classes while in Paris - something I would recommend fellow foodies do if they have the chance!

In addition to baking and cooking, I love all things French - the culture, the history, the architecture, the language, the people, and of course, the food. When I'm not in the kitchen, I'm dreaming of my next trip with my hubby, or we're out walking our two dogs; Molly the crazy bulldog and Riley the goof-ball mutt.

Ultimately, with this blog, I hope to bring you along on my journey for the sweet things in life. We can inspire, advise and learn from one another, and share our passion for food. One thing to remember while you're here; Always leave room for dessert!