20 February 2010

Sick day

The worst part of a sick day is the being sick part.

I went to sleep last night thinking of the different things I would like to bake today.  Sadly, this morning I woke to a sore throat and a headache.  Super.  I mustered enough energy to get dressed & gear up to head out with my hubby to walk the dogs.  Less than a block from the house I could tell the cold air & brisk pace was doing me no good.  Hubby could see this too, so he took Molly's leash from me and sent me home with a kiss.  So home I came and made him some coffee before curling up in bed with some magazines, a few cookbooks, the laptop and one of the (now) tired pups.  For myself, I put on a kettle of water to boil, squeezed some lemon juice into a mug and spooned up some ginger honey.  That should soothe my sore throat...

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